Data at the heart, insights our art.

Who we are

Media Lab Communications is the establishment of a New Media Agency (trading & physical entity) independently designed to manage the planning and buying of the Westpac Banking Group Portfolio.

We mobilise the best resources, people and tools within Group M to establish an agile and market leading approach in how data can inform creative and innovative media strategies.

Our mission

Harness our deep understanding of consumers lives to create memorable brand experiences

Our purpose

To be the Trusted Advisor in developing and executing Media Plans across the Westpac Banking Group

Our philosophy

Only through the Scientific Application of Customer Data can you unlock the Possibilities of Media

Our approach: value models

  • Customer

    Problem: Channel based direction ignoring customers in the process

    Solution: Customer centric approach to media / communication

  • Power of one

    Problem: Separate teams and silos, and falling back on what we have always done

    Solution: One team that only focuses on Westpac brands and direction

  • Integrity

    Problem: Gut feel, whims, average work

    Solution: Data first to uncover consumer truth, creative sparkle, the truth is in both principles

  • Courage

    Problem: Fear of failure

    Solution: Permission to fail - test, learn and evolve 70-20-10

  • Overall success

    Problem: No collaboration, silos not communicating with all partners

    Solution: Changing the way we work with all parties

The Media Lab difference


Contact us

Mark McCraith

You're welcome to call us any time. Ask for Mark McCraith, CEO of Media Lab.